Forever Outsiders

Is this you in the photograph? Big, hulking, alone among others, a little menacing?

Writing is an hermetic act. Only other writers understand this. It can be seen as purely selfish . “You are wrapped in yourself,” I have been told more than once. “Bloated with your own self-importance.” Non-writers feel cut off, shut out, alone, forever outsiders. I do not know the answer to this, except to share what we write with our loved ones and hope they do not get envious or jealous of our special gift. Or perhaps it is better not to share, to beat others over the head with our little creations.

Perhaps it is better for writers to pair up with writers, like Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath though we all know what a disaster that turned out to be though I am sure there have been happy unions.

*what do you think?

* this post was inspired by Carolyn Cordon’s most recent post

* photo by alex plesovskich on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Forever Outsiders

  1. I am sure there is no rule. I thought I would marry an artist but I married a scientist and have no regrets. Writing for him is a chore, for me a pleasure. But I can’t engineer and build a carport/set of shelves/ chicken yard like he can. We respect our differences. And we also have much in common. If you need other artists there are many out there to befriend. I just never found one to be a life partner. Other people find differently.

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  2. Even when there is no one there to accuse you directly, the echoes of previous accusations can give rise to feelings of guilt and a persistent that “I should be doing something productive”….

    Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett seems to have been a decent match, eh?

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  3. I think the trick is not to put too much weight on the labels. I once invited my husband to a writing group out of politeness. I figured he would turn it down. After all, I was The Writer and Husband was Not The Writer. Instead, Husband not only showed up, he wrote an amazing 15 minute prompt poem (much better than mine, and I thought I was the Queen of 15 Minute Prompt Poems), gave great feedback, and had a great time. I was actually quite upset. Like, how dare he step on my turf, although it is completely idiotic to think that one can “own” writing.

    But also, you’re never too much of a writer to not do the dishes, or not take out the trash. Thinking you are is a good way to breed resentment.

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