The Sad, Sad Chairs

Whenever I go downtown to the shopping centre and walk past the Nail Salon I tense up.

Sometimes I hear weeping.

But there is no one there, just John the Vietnamese proprietor.

He is at his laptop.

But the big chairs, the pedicure chairs which cost a small fortune, are empty.

They are sad, unloved, unsat in.

You can hear them crying, sobbing into the arm rests.

I feel like going in to console them.

Perhaps sit in them for a while to cheer them up.

But it’s all right.

Once Spring comes and hits its stride, the women come and the chairs emit a cheery glow.

8 thoughts on “The Sad, Sad Chairs

  1. You are a real poet! all those chairs that had people queued for them must be miserably lonely! Wonder when will it be over, but sitting right next to your best buddy, reading a magazine together …. when will that happen again?


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