What Moves You, Moves Me

the musky glow of the candle bowl

the frisson of flesh on flesh

the cinnamon zing of Venetians

crosswords over coffee

Joaquin Phoenix singing Cry, Cry, Cry

the ineffable sadness of Jackson because we both

know people like that

the voice of Johnny Cash, proof that there’s a God

Rick Springfield on Gospel Radio speaking to the sky

& those blackbirds, after rain, bless their untidy little hearts.

19 thoughts on “What Moves You, Moves Me

  1. thanks Beth; it was your post on ‘possibilities’ which kick-started the poem as in how many permutations would it take to produce a voice as distinctive as that of Johnny Cash or Elvis, for that matter ?


  2. thanks — though I must point out that there’s an error on the text: happily it is factual, not poetic: the song I meant to refer to was ‘My Elusive Dreams’ not ‘Jackson’ though I think I got away with it 🙂


  3. then you are indeed fortunate; I love music — it is a BIG part of my life but unfortunately I haven’t and musical ability;I did try playing the guitar as a teenager but never progressed beyond ‘Smoke on the Water’ 😦


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