This is Barry.

Say hello to Barry.

He runs the Central Market Books in Adelaide.

I had a chat to him last Friday night.

Apart from who he reads — Jo Nesbo, Robert Ludlum and Lee Childs —and what he’s into: Magic, Militaria, Espionage and Angels —the most remarkable thing about Barry is that he’s a man happy in his own skin.

And isn’t that the goal, the purpose, the station we want to arrive at?

And o, don’t mention Stephen King. His inner echidna comes out then.

14 thoughts on “Barry

  1. Hello, Barry!

    Yes, indeed, I did have to look up ‘echidna.’ We do not have those in the USA, and I have not heard of them before, or, if so, I had forgotten, which happens more often than I would like these days. What was I saying? Oh, yes. Echidna. So, I take it Barry is not a fan of Stephen King? I would love to explore the reasons for that opinion.

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