This is Terry.

You can wave to him.

He would like that.

He waves a lot but not everyone waves back.

In fact hardly anyone does.

He sits on a folding chair in the middle of the mall outside Coles looking for someone to say hello to.

You can say Hello to Terry.

Many people pretend not to hear him.

But that does that put him off?


Terry is on a mission.

He is collecting donations for the Blind Sports Association.

There are a lot of people like Terry outside supermarkets throughout Australia.

Hopeful. Indomitable.Courteous.

Not in your face.

And yes, I did.

8 thoughts on “Terry

  1. I am one of the horrible people who walk by and deliberately don’t look. While I respect Terry, I get so frustrated at being asked for money everywhere I go or even if I stay at home. Every cause is a good cause. I can’t take pity on all the Terrys. And let’s be honest, his wave may be friendly but it’s friendly with a side platter of “there’s something you can do for me”. I don’t envy his job but I think the government should take more responsibility. That’s why we pay taxes – for social gain. If we spent less on weapons and political campaigning, and got more tax out of big business, maybe some of these charities could get some government support and back off a little. Sorry. A totally inappropriate response to your generous thoughts. I guess it’s guilt and defensiveness. But if I direct my frustrations at the government, it feels like a solution.

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  2. I fully agree. I often walk past too because they’re so annoying. I only paid attention to Terry because I wanted to do a post on him. And I gave a small donation because I got a post out of him. Yes, the government should do more. I get tired of being asked to fork out money everytime I walk into a shopping centre.


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