Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It had been bugging me for months so I took a clipping down to the Garden Centre.

What’s it called? I asked. What’s its botanical name?

I didn’t much like the sound of it.

So I asked its common name.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, the man said.

I very much liked the sound of that.

so I went home and dubbed it with my royal ruler.

Henceforth you shall be known as Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, I announced with a clipped classy accent.

It sounded like a song.

Like something from ‘Revolver’.

11 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. What a perfect name for this beautiful bush that is John! I know the name of that plant, but have never known what the plant looked like. Now that I’ve seen it, I can certainly see how it got that clever name.


  2. it also has a beautiful fragrance; I can smell it in the evening before I close the front door but how to capture that fragrance in words? how to capture any fragrance in words 😦 😦


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