The Moment


I heard there were whales lunging out of the water

At Henley South,

“sleek and smooth as peach slices”,

One eye witness said.

I finished what I was doing and went down

For a look.

But the sea was flat and empty.

There were only a pair of cyclists on the other side

Doing up their clips

And a pelican amongst the gulls gazing wistfully to a spot

Where something might have been.

No sun was out. The sky was whale-grey.

I had missed the moment.

6 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. This is an excellent piece. The news, the rush, the hope, the letdown….

    Seeing whales come up out of the water is a wondrous experience. We lived for many years in a place where we could see them at a distance from time to time. Only once did I see a mama whale and her calf breaching together. THAT was amazing and memorable.

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