Me and the Ant

Me and the Ant go way back, ever since we discovered

our mutual Achilles’ Heel: coffins made of steel: Lifts.

He’s not a big fan of car boots either or small caving tunnels,

so the Thai cave rescue would not have been high

on his agenda. One thing’s for sure: Ant is an SAS commando

& instructor and if he can’t handle lifts, what chance

have marshmallow men like me got? It’s in my Will:

‘to be cremated’; just in case

7 thoughts on “Me and the Ant

  1. thanks, Carolyn — not everyone may know Ant is actually a person, and he is an SAS commando and instructor, currently on SAS Australia on Channel 7. I didn’t know till I checked that ‘Ant’ is short for ‘Anthony’ but it sort of suits anyway


  2. I don’t know if you read it Beth but I still remember Poe’s haunting Halloween horror ‘Premature Burial’ ; it still plays in my subconscious though these days doctors wouldn’t pronounce someone dead prematurely, would they ?


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