Spookier than Halloween

I go down the shop to buy a packet of cigs for a friend. I tell the cashier the brand.

What colour? she says. Blue, gold or red?

I dunno, I say. The one with Bryan on the packet.

Who’s Bryan?

The poster boy of lung cancer. On the rack of his deathbed. Skin sick as pus, emaciated, eyes wild, pleading.

Sounds terrible, she says.

It is. Cancer porn. Spookier than anything you’ll see on Halloween.

13 thoughts on “Spookier than Halloween

  1. thanks. I don’t know if packets overseas feature such graphic photos but smokers here must be terribly addicted to keep smoking with those reminders confronting them. And what about the morality of the tax on cigarettes? It’s mostly poorer people who smoke and the tax must be a heavy impost on them


  2. I smoked a little bit when I was teenager, about one term, my friend and I shared a few packets of ‘Kim’ cigarettes. I think that was the name. Didn’t actually like it much, but it made us feel adult … as much as thirteen year olds can be adult.

    A terrible habit, and sadly, one too many people are still victims of … the numbers are always heading downwards though.

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