Which Animal Are You ?

Perhaps I am a porcupine.

I am prickly by nature

& when I forget to shave

I have a prickly kiss,

Like most porcupines

I live alone

except when I cohabit

with other porcupines

in which case, I’ve been told,

we live in a prickle.

When my quills are quivering

people steer clear of the thornbush

that is me.

*what animal are you like?

*want to add a little poem about yourself as that animal?

27 thoughts on “Which Animal Are You ?

  1. Oh, not true John, you are a creature that sits alone at times, yes, but also happy to join in, with selected others, listening, giving wise instruction and leading well, by learned example.
    I can’t see you as a porcupine, not at all.

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  2. I am a pygmy goat.

    happy, hoppy

    like to play

    try and learn

    and learn again


    all makes sense

    life is meant to be like

    standing on

    an upside down old wagon

    full of rust

    full of heart

    calling to the mountains.

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  3. I think I’m a cow – a little shy of strangers but loving my own herd. Docile (mostly) unless somebody threatens my young. I”m missing the soulful coffee dark eyes though. Sorry. Been doing tax stuff. Poetic inspiration is not buzzing about my ears right now. πŸ™‚

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  4. A Bogging Porpoise With An Attitude:

    A small mammal of sorts
    Of the whale family
    So never a pet
    I can be friendly or offend you
    It’s out of my fins
    But in you hands
    It’s up to you.
    I’m smart
    Can recognize my self
    Am creative and can paint
    A self portrait!
    Can you?

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  5. Perhaps I’m a rabbit. I am quiet but always listening. Still, but the adrenaline is always just a flinch away sending me running. I am a predator to none. If caught by a trap or a foe I will fight so hard to escape I will likely die before my attacker kills me. If approached slowly and quietly I might let you get close.

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  6. Reblogged this on The Soul Of a Poet and commented:
    Once upon a time before Mr. Poet married Mrs. Poet on the way home from having dinner with his Dad.

    The Poet and Mrs. Poet to one day be were headed towards Douglasville away from Atlanta Georgia.

    Then as they topped the rise on Interstate 20 just before passing Six Flags over Georgia overwhelmed by the lovely sunset on the horizon.

    The Poet looked over at his lovely bride to one day become and declared: β€œYou beautiful woman!”

    As she turned to look at him surprise written upon her face she replied: β€œYou handsome snake!”

    Now it was the Poet’s turn to look surprised as he asked: β€œWhy did you call me a handsome snake?”

    To which she replied: β€œBecause you called me a beautiful worm!”

    And together they had a very good laugh.

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  7. I am the last
    remaining Pangolin
    on the Chinese mainland
    . . . but survive I must.
    Some quack once said,
    “Pangolin make good medicine
    for curing arthritis!”
    Now they even blame us
    for starting some virus!?
    It was that wet market bat
    . . . of course πŸ¦‡
    We Pangolins are innocent πŸ˜‡
    so please stop blaming us πŸ™

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  8. wonderful and different which is what I wanted. Just been reading about the pangolins in the New Yorker and how, as your poem says, they may have been responsible for the virus and I love the sass, the attitude of ‘it wasn’t me! blame the bat’! thanks David

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  9. I’m a peacock, Argos eyed, an intuitive creature full of pride. A magical train I choose to conceal. Iridescent animal, my colors are real. Protective, noble-souled, a strong ally. Despite my plumage, I take to the sky.

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