Just Us?

Just us then?

Yeh, just us.

What we gonna talk about?

I dunno,

I dunno either.

they both look into the distance contemplating the grim prospects ahead

Poor Jess.


She’s had a bad trot recently, Lost her wallet last month and then lost her balance in the bathroom.

Broke her hip.

Yeh. And only a few days ago she trips over the cat and breaks her arm.

Accident prone.

Yeh, you could say that.

Must be hard to dress herself with one good hand, wipe her bum.

Think she’ll phone?

Hope so; otherwise it’s just us, the two bozos.

Isn’t it her turn to bring the wine?

It is.

they look into the distance again

Miss her a bit.

Me too.

Hard to get a word in sometimes when she’s here.

True. I don’t like the way she interrupts sometimes.

Still. She puts up with us. That shows character.

True. Do you think she’ll come next week?

Hope so. Otherwise it’s …

Just us.

they look into the middle distance again quietly quaffing their ales.

11 thoughts on “Just Us?

  1. hey Beth! I just hopped on my laptop as your comment popped up. How cool is that ? And yes, I think you’re right about need. Glad to get a thumbs up for the form; I was experimenting with it but went in bravely πŸ™‚


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