Some Poems Start Out as Poems

Some poems start out as poems, homely descriptions

of slippers, for instance or berry bowls, toasters

but then over-reach, chasing chimeras, conundrums,

leading us down a rabbit hole of nonsense.

Others take the easier way, finding their inner teacher,

their gasbagging guru. Some poems start out as poems

but end up as pedagogy. You feel you’re in

the classroom again.

16 thoughts on “Some Poems Start Out as Poems

  1. Speaking of slippers: Last night a big section of my left foot slipper’s sole broke and fell off. Both slippers have been looking less than stellar for a long time, in fact. I should have replaced them a year or two ago. Now, their time is up. Hi John. I hope that all is well. See ya.

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  2. Hi, Neil. All good and I’m wearing my slippers πŸ™‚ someone should write an ode to them one day;they do not appear much in poetry, only in Cozy Murder Mysteries.Hope you are in a better state , Neil, than your slippers πŸ™‚ Just to let you know, Neil, you have inspired a new post ‘Slippers’ which I’ll be posting by this time tomorrow πŸ™‚

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  3. By the by, I meant to mention that I think every poem is a classroom, meant to enlighten in some way; but it should never (or… seldom?) FEEL like we are in a classroom, per se; i.e. being brow-beaten by indoctrinatory nonsense.

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