More Lamb than Hedgehog

My mentor told me how to write a poem about slippers. Make it easy, he said. comfortable and cozy, warm, no prickly bits. More lamb than hedgehog.

I had a girlfriend once who forbade me to wear slippers: ‘Next thing  I know”, she said, ‘You’ll be wearing a dressing gown, reading cozy murder mysteries and shuffling around the house like an old man.”

My dogs when they were puppies took a violent dislike to slippers, tearing them apart with a vitriolic zeal of which my girlfriend would have approved. For years I walked around the house in loafers until the puppies grew up and out of their habit.

Whenever I hear Bing Crosby sing White Christmas over the PA system in his hush puppy voice I think of slippers. Slippers are like bean bags for the feet.When you slump into them they have the feel of home.

15 thoughts on “More Lamb than Hedgehog

  1. Slippers are much easier to get ‘out of’ than bean bags are! I was present with my husband was trying to get out of our bean bag, that we’d just put more beans into, and it was a comical sight, or it would have been, if watching it on TV. As it was, I had to try to assist him up and out of the bean bag, which also would have been comical to see, given the difference in sizes. As you know, John, I’m quite small, my husband is average height for a man, and has the body of a man who ‘likes his food’, a lot.

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