My Three Favourite Words

Someone once asked me what were my three favourite words? I had to think. There are 171,146 words in the English language so there’s a lot to choose from.

After many days, I came up with three words but they weren’t even English words. They were the names of places. Mogadishu, Timbuktu and Trincomalee. In recent times they have all been war-torn places so it wasn’t the places themselves that I loved but the sound of their names, Not the shape of the words but their sounds as I swilled them in my mouth: like the best cab sav or the best dark chocolate or better the cab sav washing down the dark chocolate. A rich, sensual taste. One that lingers.

Now there is another. A name just as magical. Talloola. It is a mythical place, a country town conjured by Carolyn Cordon, a friend of mine and a fellow blogger. Her cozy murder mysteries which she is writing now are set there. I can’t wait to read a draft

* what are some of your favourite words?

*pic courtesy of Wiki Commons

10 thoughts on “My Three Favourite Words

  1. Oh yes. I love words for the same reason. I love how you describe swilling them around in your mouth. I love a lot of Russian names. Astrakhan. Dostoyevsky. Dhiagalev. Anatevka. But also more local ones like Nimmitabel and Dunnedo. 🙂 I’ve always loved the word isthmus.

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