In Which the Dog Loses His Cool

I’ve got a bone to pick

with you,

says the dog to Mrs. Hubbard.

How come when I go

to look

there’s no food in the cupboard?

No meat, no cans, no biscuits.

Why there’s not

even a single bone.

And you have the cheek,

the temerity

to call this place a home!

It’s not as though you’re

the old woman

who lives downstreet in the shoe.

Look around. You haven’t

any kids to feed.

There’s just me and you!

Whatever can be the cause

of this

outlandish state of affairs?

Why if I was goosey goosey gander

I’d kick you

right down these stairs!

12 thoughts on “In Which the Dog Loses His Cool

  1. just thinking, Chelsea, this might be a fun exercise to challenge your readers to: a poetry comp in which they take on the voice of a character from a fairy tale or nursery rhyme whose voice has not been presented e.g. the dog from Old Mother Hubbard, the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk [ another poem of mine]. You’re free to use one of my poems if you like. You’re good at promoting these sort of comps and who knows, it just might work. You’ve got a lot of clever readers out there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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