A Bit of Biffo

I just got back from the gym on a mild, sunny morning,

walked into my study, went onto my laptop and walked

into a storm. Two bloggers whom I follow were sparring

online. It’s not often you see this level of engagement

and in a sense it was bracing: I felt like saying,

hey guys! calm your farm but thought that may come across

as talking down to them. Sometimes beliefs must be

hotly defended — a bit of biffo has its place —but I hoped

for some sort of conciliatory gesture.

No one wants a knock-out blow. Heaven knows where

this argument will end. No Names. No pack drill.

9 thoughts on “A Bit of Biffo

  1. that’s hard to see, no good can come of it. I love the phrase ‘calm your farm.’ I’ve never heard it before. I had someone argue with me about a post I did about mr. rogers and his sweaters once. so funny.

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  2. poor inoffensive Mr. Rogers; we never knew him down under but his portrayal by Tom Hanks in the recent film, I was told, was spot on šŸ™‚ what a lovable character; hopefully this little storm will blow over šŸ™‚

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  3. There is so much popular culture that has completely passed me by… Mr Rogers being one such example. And what does “no pack drill” mean? I don’t like “Biffo” but sometimes you’re in it before you know what you’ve done. Better to be outside it looking in calmly, as per your poem.

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