Lost Books of Childhood

Not read ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

Not opened ‘Charlotte’s Web’?

And you say you’ve read 1000 books

& claim you are ‘well-read’

Not read ‘Wizard of Oz’?

or ‘Where the Wild Things Are’?

Never read ‘Peter Pan’ or heard

of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’?

But you’ve read Robert Ludlum,

everything by Wilbur Smith

and you’re into science fiction

& all of its What Ifs?

Go in The Secret Garden

the Grimms wild, weird woods

& get thee to a library & read

the lost books of childhood.

* what children’s classics have you not read? [I’m about to read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ for the first time. I’ve seen the film J ]

26 thoughts on “Lost Books of Childhood

  1. Yes, yes! I have my own collection of children’s books, both old and new and can’t resist gifting them. I read a bio of e.b. White(char’s web), and he was such a fascinating man. You will cry when reading the words and you already know the ending…
    I also saw a film about Beatrix potter and reread the Peter rabbit books and loved them more after understanding her a bit more.

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    • E B White used to be high up in the New Yorker. So sometimes the films do help; I loved the Paddington Bear films but haven’t read the books. But seriously how could anyone NOT read Alice in Wonderland? It’s a lovely thought gifting books to the grandies 🙂


      • see ‘miss potter’ with renee zellwegger if you can find it, that’s her bio story, and very well done. it fills in a lot of blanks. i was never really drawn to her books until i understood the backstory.
        e. b. white has a very interesting story too, and led me to understand his books as well. yes, alice in wonderland is a wonderful classic, and some books are just meant to be read. i gift books not only to my grandies, but to kids of all kinds, through free little libraries, through donations to groups, or any child i know who i think would like a book that i’ve read – i think of them as a wonderful opportunity

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  2. I had a close friend who used to read to me passages from books she was reading. When she came across a bundle of Mary Poppins books she read me chapters. We both decided Mary could be very prickly and a little nasty; do wonder Disney ‘sweetened’ her image. I don’t know what P J Travers thought?


  3. There are Soo many I haven’t read. I never did get into Alice in Wonderland and everyone talks about Winnie the Pooh like it’s one book but I don’t remember seeing it as such. I am a fan of Pooh but only from snippets. I loved Charlotte’s Web and The Secret Garden and What Katy Did and Pollyanna. I only saw Wizard of Oz, never read it. Oh! And Bridge to Terebithia is lovely. And my family had a lot of Australian favourites by Mary Grant Bruce and Ethel Turner. Douglas Adams is a bit older than what you’re talking about I guess. Oh I loved Roald Dahl too.

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  4. Loved this poem! I’m enjoying rediscovering my childhood favourites with my son. I haven’t read Peter Pan. I love Winnie the Pooh, Richard Scarry, Dr Seuss, and my son is enjoying all the Thomas the Tank Engine originals. I wonder if I can get him into Enid Blyton?

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  5. I’ve read lots as a child, treachery and mom. But, I’ve never read Mr.Poppers Penguins. I have the book on the shelf and I’m hoping to read it with the children next winter. Have you read this on, John? How was Charlotte’s web? Radiant, I hope.


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