the Red Telephone Booth

I was watching the Xmas Special of ‘Call The Midwife’ when the plot ran into a red telephone booth on a remote Scottish island. It reminded me of the red telephone booth I ran into some years ago:

The Red Telephone Booth

No one writes poems about telephone booths anymore

So I thought I would write one,

about the time I drove down

A series of side roads to avoid a booze bus,

when I almost ran into one.

It was so nostalgic.

It was the sort of booth that Clark Kent would dash into

to change into superman.

I opened the door and went inside.

It stank of stale urine and cigarette smoke.

The paintwork was peeling. There were no phone books

Only numbers,

‘if you’re after a good time call …’, that sort of thing

 and anti-gay graffiti.

It looked like

the last telephone booth on the planet before mobile phones

took over.

I closed the door, climbed into my car and drove off,

Heavy as a telephone booth, 

into the arms of the booze bus.

12 thoughts on “the Red Telephone Booth

  1. Oh yes. So nostalgic. When I was in my first job, the sales reps used to carry jars of 20c coins in case they needed to make a phone call whilst out on the road. By the time I finished University, sales reps had mobile phones the size of bricks. Such a big change. Gradually phone booths have become less and less relevant… except, of course, to superman. But running into a booze bus! Lol! that’s quite a tale!

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  2. Clark Kent’s changing stall, delightful idea. The last two lines make this relatable and memorable. Now, I shall never forget the legendary red phone booth~as well as my love for the blue one.


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