Looking Back: my Favourite Posts

Looking through the pages of my commonplace book

I paused to take a look at the posts I had copied down

in 2020, the ones that had brought me much pleasure,

that made me pause, take a measure of my life:

here they are without fear or favouritism, in the order

they appeared:

‘Birch’ and ‘Boring’ by Beth

‘Nimmitabel’ and ‘My Suburban Horror Movie’ by Out of the Cave

‘The Old Dog’ and ‘the length some people will go to kill butterflies’ by D R Bogdan

‘How to Survive as a Mental Patient’ and ‘Wait for Me’ by Sarcastic Fringehead

‘Some People are Trees’ by Jewish Young Professional

‘No’ and ‘Monochrome; by Cathy’s Real Country Garden

‘Watching Candles Burn’ and ‘Just Came for the Burger’ by Mark Tulin

“Sweet Sundown’ by Michael Jordahl

‘Carpet of Frosty Leaves’ by Ulle Haddock

‘Testing’ by Hobbo

‘Here I Am’ by Boromax

* what were some of your favourites in 2020?

13 thoughts on “Looking Back: my Favourite Posts

  1. This is a terrific idea! I know I read many that I enjoyed greatly. I will certainly endeavor to keep better track this year in preparation for a report like this next year. I know there will be some of yours in that compilation.

    Thank you for including me, too!! 😀


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