Forget Eric and Ernie

Forget Eric and Ernie

Disregard Bing and Bob

There’s a new comedy duo

and they’re doing a great job

They’re funnier than Stan & Ollie

and even Bud & Lou

They’re Hobbo and his dog, Dauphy

wisdom with laughter too

Hobbo’s a retired bus driver

Dauphy a French lab

together they write droll poetry

and have a good chin wag

So do yourself a favour

as Adam Ant would say

and drop by their website

to see what they’re up to today

google 'Hobbo's poems'

20 thoughts on “Forget Eric and Ernie

  1. Well, what can I say John? We both love it! Thank you. It was well worth the wait. A lovely poem and a nice plug for my budding blog. Dauphy is so excited, that he’s gone for a lie down now. Unusually for him, he’s having a little snooze.
    I’m going to re-blog this post, if I can remember what Dauphy told me about how to do it!
    I hope you enjoy today’s posts, and a big thank you to everyone for your kind comments. It transforms all our hard work into an absolute pleasure!😂😂😂😂😂😂


  2. (Hobbo whispers) Psst John, I’ve read it again (several times) and noticed you think that Dauphy is a she. That’s his mate Bella. He is a very definite he, and I would hate for him to be upset because he thinks that his masculine wisdom has been mistaken for feminine logic! 😂


  3. thanks Hobbo; I’m delighted you and Dauphy are pleased; yes, please reblog: I don’t often do this, but your blog is a real find 🙂 give Dauphy a pat on the head and a rub on the tummy — all my dogs used to love this — from me 🙂


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