Days of Indolence and Roses

I’m really looking forward to today.

Today’s the day I don’t exercise.

Oh, I may lift a finger to pen a poem

or two,

stretch a limb to reach for the remote

or break into a walk to put out the bins

but that’s it.

Today the body gets its chance

to plonk itself down in the armchair of life

and not feel guilty.

Have a glass or two. Eat some chocolates.

Read ‘The New Yorker’.

A day of indolence and roses.

24 thoughts on “Days of Indolence and Roses

  1. This is a good one, John!

    Great words in here – indolence and plonk! I love ‘stretch a limb’ and ‘break into a walk’ and ‘the armchair of life.’ ‘Lift a finger to pen a poem… or two.’ My kind of exercise – especially the plonking.

    But… I thought this is your every day? 😀

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