Do Mirrors Go Rogue

mirrors never lie : sideshow mirrors only distort the truth

you can look a mirror in the eye but it won’t blink first

ceiling mirrors are up themselves

wall mirrors have hang ups

mirrors continually surprise us in the act of being ourselves

mirrors both give and receive   simultaneously

during the day when everyone’s out do mirrors contemplate their navel

do they get tired of looking at the same faces

does familiarity breed contempt

can mirrors go rogue like Hal, the computer in 2001

are one-way mirrors guilty of duplicity

do cracked mirrors have an image problem

do mirrors ever take a good hard look at themselves.

pic courtesy of wiki media

41 thoughts on “Do Mirrors Go Rogue

  1. And yet no mention of “the fairest of them all”… perhaps you already know the answer to that question?

    Shh… beware the “two-way mirror”!

    Love the idea of them contemplating their navels when we are not around. We actually have several mirrors; I wonder if they convoke a conference in our absence? Which would be the chairperson of the mirrors?


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