I Once Played Godot

I once played Godot in a high school play.

It was my big moment. My first step to stage stardom.

After all, I’d be playing the main character, the one the play’s named after.

-Where are my lines? I say.

-You have none, I am told.

I grow suspicious.

I once played a tree in a Xmas play.

-No Lines?

-You wait in the wings. You’ll get the hang of it.

It sounded dubious but I hadn’t been picked for anything all year.

-I’ll give it a go, I say.

          On the night I am a little nervous. I peep at the audience, the anticipation on their faces. I hope I perform well.

          The curtain goes up.

          I keep waiting for my cue to come in.

          The play keeps going and going.

          By intermission I still haven’t been called.

          -When do I go on?

          -You don’t. You’re the guy they’re waiting for.

          -Then why don’t I go on?

          -If you did, there wouldn’t be a play.

It seemed a pretty flimsy premise to hang a play on, but who was I to argue? My big moment would have to wait.

23 thoughts on “I Once Played Godot

  1. well the parts about me wanting to get on stage in a play are true though it never would have worked. I was a nervy adolescent but the Godot sequence is fictional but I sort of wrote it as if it were true; I got caught up in the writing; I hope you’re not disappointed

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    • No not disappointed. Relieved. It’s a great concept… waiting to BE Godot. Puts a whole different light on things. Even Godot is waiting. Actually whether it’s real or fictional doesn’t matter. I don’t know why I felt compelled to ask.

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      • I’m touched: it shows your concern BUT if it were true, the behavior of the others would be pretty shameful ; sadly I am sure such behavior does go on in all works of life: we humans can be pretty cruel 😦

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  2. 😂Great write John. Reminded me of my first stage appearance in the class choir at school. My singing was so bad that I wasn’t allowed to utter a sound! For two months, while the rest of the class practised their singing, I had to practice miming! I can laugh about it now, but it was quite traumatic at the time.😂

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  3. John, you have very nearly outdone yourself, here. So delicious; brimming with irony, sly humor, and cosmic elegance.

    I confess: when I saw the title I was like, “Wait… he once, what? What? Does he know the play?”

    So great. You had us captured before we even started reading the poem itself.

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    • Oh. I apologize for the term “outdone yourself”… It sounds somewhat like I did not expect you to be capable of creating this piece. Of course, I mean that I like it so much that it is at (or near) the top of my list of my favorites of your works!

      This is now the second of your posts that has been entered into my 2021 commonplace book.

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