You Can’t Stutter in Writing

You can’t stutter in writing,

my speech therapist said

before I had thought much about it.

Maybe that’s how it started.

I felt I could sprint in writing

while in speech I hobbled.

I was good over short distances:

haiku, poems, flash fiction,

the occasional story.

Any further I flagged,

my efforts stuttered

then stopped.

But I don’t know.

I can speak now

but I still write.

27 thoughts on “You Can’t Stutter in Writing

  1. I have a friend who took to writing because she’s deaf. A very similar escape from the trials and tribulations of verbal interaction. Somebody told me recently about something they’d heard on the radio that said that speaking is a natural learning process but writing is not. It’s funny then, that some of us find writing such a relief.

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  2. no, we don’t Neil: though you’re right: it can be charming in kids, but not so much in adults: I haven’t come across a serious stutterer in decades, though many of us do it occasionally when we’re grappling with a difficult thought or situation —

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