Since the Break-Up

I’ve been taking myself to the cinema again

watching brooding masterpieces like ‘The Dry,’

learning  to play Scrabble by myself but not too often

as I’m a bad loser; giving my self-esteem a face lift,

shed a few kilos, muscled up, become sharper;

I post more , comment more especially on posts

that comment on mine: the noble art of reciprocity;

but, most of all, I move more easily in the world.

have got to know myself more, and know in spite

of slurs like ‘nutcase’ and ‘creepy lizard’ I’m not

such a bad guy

26 thoughts on “Since the Break-Up

  1. I really liked the last line about not being such a bad guy.
    I don’t know what happened, but that last line reminds me that after a breakup, after drowning in feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, or depression, you come out on the other side you’re not that bad after all.
    There’s also a sense that you might have lost some parts of yourself in the relationship, and you’ve rediscovered yourself “Since the Break-Up.”


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