Snail *

He is a hobo;

his worldly goods humped

upon his back

He is an athlete;

in the race to be slowest

he excels

He is Hansel

leaving a silvery trail to mark

where he has been

He is a bear

hibernating in the cave

of his shell

He is a tank,

tough, tenacious, passing over

all obstacles

in the kingdom of the small

he looms large.

He is a king!

*after reading Beth’s post ‘Slowing Down’

21 thoughts on “Snail *

  1. I love the idea of a snail as an athlete. I have this image of a great arena filled with energetic snails doing long jump and high jump and marathons that take a year. I too wrote a poem about snails. I might repost after your post after Beth’s post. πŸ™‚

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  2. I totally enjoyed this. I once saw a video on YouTube were a snake tries to devour the snail but it came back up. There was no commentary so don’t know it was real or remastered. However, I loved this snails win as marathon winner. 🐌

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