Green: a Prompt Poem

Green is gentle. Green is kind.

Green brings colour to the cheeks

of leaves and blades of grass.

In times of drought paddocks

dream of green.

Green is found in the fluoro vests

of rainbow lorikeets

and the glistening jade skins

of tree frogs.

Green is patient. Green is humble.

When colours line up for a group photograph

green is not pushy.

Green is content to stand in the middle.

You can always spot her

between flashy yellow and sombre blue

quietly smiling

fourth from the top.

  • what is your favorite color? can you write some lines on it, say a miniature of 3 to 5 lines and post your poem in the comment section? would really love to see what you come up with;
  • or if you prefer just leave a comment

28 thoughts on “Green: a Prompt Poem

  1. Thanks for this – thinking of many things with purple:

    Purple glitters in its awkward pose
    Atop one’s crown, the top chakra in a halo’s edge,
    And of the velvet robes for the powerful yesteryears, or crisp collars of the conferences.
    Penultimate blend of the primary harsh
    Red and blue. Blended together to form a silken sash on brilliant white for our sisters.
    I am reminded of a dyed suede fringe jacket
    Of my Grandma G. , calm to these anxious child eyes, a cheery smile between the jacket and her cotton puff of hair.

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