Nuisances and Nits

Every now and then

I clear out the belfry of my brain

of nuisances and nits.

Does it pang my conscience?

No, not a whit.

It keeps my train of thought

from being derailed,

from being snailed

by useless baggage,

I’m unattached as the cabbage

on the shelf,

and the best part —

I’m free as a fart.

I get to be myself.

34 thoughts on “Nuisances and Nits

  1. Nah…been and done that…turned out a disaster….Oh?, you mean Stan, not Donald….

    Now getting back to that train driver (which is getting more attention than your poem – sorry ’bout that – but you will put in such controversial pics)

    Seems like I have just gone and
    Missed the end of line
    Not to worry anyhow
    Engine still looks fine…..


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