The Sedate Life

I lead a fairly sedate life

but every now and then

I do something wild

just to feel really alive

like the other day I’m on this long stretch of road

through the Adelaide Hills

& I don’t know it at the time but my daughter is a few cars

behind in her little blue Subaru

and there’s this sudden roller coaster stretch

where the road steeply descends for a kilometre

then shoots up, the long climb to level

& my daughter thinks, God, how is dad going to keep up

with those cars once they get going?

but I just let out a whoop, push the pedal down

and go for it,

eat my dust, I say to the other sad saps as I shoot ahead

& my little charcoal Cruiser is the the Batmobile,

and I’m tearing up the bitumen on an assignment in Gotham

a dragon in my blood

& I keep going, going wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

but as the road levels out, I slow,

letting the other donkeys catch up,

then sit on the speed limit the rest of the way home,

little old sedate me.

41 thoughts on “The Sedate Life

  1. I notice you conveniently forgot to mention the speed camera at the bottom of the dip…..police are very hot on hoons here at the moment…(as you will have read in the paper)….also noticed lack-mention of victory burn-out spin at top ……expect to get an expiation notice in the post…..last I heard $1000 for these naughty-boy offences……sorry John…..


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