Life Isn’t a Beanbag

I am reading a book of jokes

that looks like a book of poems

double-spaced typing, plenty of white space,

400 pages long.

almost unheard of unless it’s a ‘Collected’

& it’s by a comedian,

the comedian of comedians — Seinfeld

and it’s been 25 years in the making

so you’d think something with heft

like a comic ‘Crime & Punishment’, for instance.

Look, I wasn’t expecting Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor

but this stuff was tame, kindergarten, Christmas cracker

material, vanilla, timid as marshmallow.

What I wanted to ask was:

where are the pangs, the pricks, the pranks

life has played on you? the prangs of relationships?

Your life couldn’t have been that cushiony, surely?

Life isn’t a beanbag, Jerry. Where is the dark matter?

All I’m saying is, you coulda done better.

After 25 years of  nothing in print,

you coulda done better, Jerry. Will you give me that?

36 thoughts on “Life Isn’t a Beanbag

  1. I listened to the audio book last week. I think hearing him deliver the material helps.
    But, like you said just a bunch of jokes from his career. The last section has some new, current jokes if people can make it through.

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  2. never been a fan of this hollow man, his kind of humour went straight over my heard, the last good jokes I heard was about 45 years ago, from those oldies who had made it through the war before we invented political correctness. But hey one only has to look around, life has become a joke!


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