And You Laughed

When I drove my daughter to her friend’s new place

in the Adelaide Hills

she turned on her phone’s GPS system

as we took

one branching road, then another,

scores of roads branching up, down, across

that went on for miles

deeper & deeper


the dark woods

& you said, we’re getting closer, only a few miles now

& I said,

Christ, how do they ever find their way out of here

each morning

& you laughed

but eventually we found it, we got there.

You be okay finding your way out, dad without the GPS?

& I said, sure, how hard can it be?

then I took off

winding my way back and forth

for miles,

there were so many possibilities,

almost running out of fuel & patience

till I stumbled upon multiple forks any of which looked good

so I took one

& that’s when I learnt the difference between

a labyrinth and maze:

a maze is multicursal [ many branches] while a labyrinth

is unicursal [one branch].

I was in a maze.

A labyrinth is easier.

  • pic courtesy of pinterest

41 thoughts on “And You Laughed

  1. Shoulda been easy for you, John. Everybody knows that mazes are easier to solve, if you start at the finish and work your way back to the start. Your daughter had already gotten you to the destination.

    Try it with the maze in your illustration.

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    • now, I checked up on that one; the Minotaur was locked in a labyrinthine because it is unicursal —only one entrance/exit whereas a maze is multicursal: too many exits to keep the Minotaur within


  2. i so get this, i have an uncanny knack for not finding my way, a lack of a sense of direction, but somehow i always eventually end up where i’m meant to be in the end


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