We All Have Our Wolves

Ever had a fear

so big

you lost the power

of your legs

reserves all gone


your yabbering heart

quite unseated

you’re miniscule

so small

the wolf

skyscraper tall

nothing to do

but await

till the fear


Could be your ex

a confined space

the wolf wears many

a different face

Remain steady

stare don’t start

just you, yourself

& yr red riding hood heart.

*pic from Pinterest by Kings-Wu

40 thoughts on “We All Have Our Wolves

  1. This is a wonderful poem, John on the different phases we all go through. My fave line…. the wolf

    skyscraper tall (eludes to insurmountable fear)

    nothing to do

    but await

    till the fear


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      • Yes John…We must remember the sad tale of little Jimmy who wandered into the woods at night and was taken by the teddy bears. Vanished..Poof…even the village police found nothing….This is the report from Jimmy’s friend (given in stetement to police) who observed the tragic event

        ‘I covered my mouth to keep a yelp of my own from escaping as they all leaped forward towards Jimmy. I heard his muffled pained yells through his gag as darkness began to colour his pyjamas.’

        Tragic isn’t it John? Those teddies are not always what they seem to be.

        I cannot claim authorship to Jimmy’s friend’s statement to police. No John, Jimmy has never been found. Do you have a teddy bear on your bed? He could be a spy….

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