When Topsy Met Turvy

Whenever you see the word ‘nooks’ you just know

that ‘ crannies’ is going to pop up somewhere:

they go together,

as the song says, like the horse & carriage,

welded together like conjoined twins;

once, they lived separate lives; like ‘topsy’ & ‘turvy’;

a rambunctious couple;

how they got together is anyone’s guess:

was it during a blind-date, or a casual hook-up in

some covert etymological corner

and their chemistry clicked?  

Whenever I lose

a coin or capsule, I’ m never sure whereto look first:

a nook or a cranny?

Once I lived in a unit where there were no nooks

and another where there were no crannies;

I couldn’t wait to get out of either place.

  • pic Pinterest by Julie Robin-Wagner

27 thoughts on “When Topsy Met Turvy

  1. Love your fun word play here. I use tipsy-turvy in my classroom every day to tech the kids that things don’t always go as planned or are different, and it’s still okay, just topsy turvy. A number of parents have told me their kids use those words at home with them )

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  2. Hi everyone; just back from the birthday bash; glad you’re having a good time 🙂 hope I can fit in somewhere; I just had a thought coming home, after seeing so many jolly people, what of that jolly pair ‘Hale and Hearty’? you always see them together especially at birthday bashes :)inseparable 🙂


  3. This is so clever! Love it.

    It reminds me of a little game some online friends used to play (back in the heady early-net days of the mid-’90s). We would contract a common saying down to one compound word; e.g., ‘duckwater’ refers to “like water off a duck’s back”; and ‘sandaldust’ refers to “wiping the dust off your sandals and moving on”; and ‘kettleblack’ refers to “the pot calling the kettle black” and so on. Pie-easy!


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