That Little Guy in my Head

Every time I go to post a poem

About my partner or family, or another poet

That little guy inside my head says,

Hey You Can’t Say That! And when I ask,

Why not? He says. Are You Serious?

You Re3ally Don’t Know? But, of course, I do

But you can’t fictionalize everything.

You take away the bite of authenticity.

So I slam the door shut on that censorious little freak

but he shouts out anyway: DELETE! DELETE!

49 thoughts on “That Little Guy in my Head

  1. Yeah. I get it. I like the idea of telling him to f off. I don’t like offending people. Or even revealing information that they may not want revealed. So the censorious little freak in my head is well in control of my delete finger. It’s a fine old line we writers tread between free speech and fisty cuffs.


  2. You can always tell the Little Guy the devil made you do it, so he can take up any issues he might have with him. (Lol to be truthful I have the female version of that little guy, she’s a bitch too). I half listen 😂 like they say no stirring the the pot more than necessary. 😅

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  3. Brilliant!! 👍👍

    Yup, there’s too many of these imaginary folks hanging around on shoulders that really do need to be told where to go. They cling on for dear life though – that’s the problem!

    Maybe one day we’ll both be rid of then once and for all. Until then, perhaps, it’s about focusing on building on what gets past them instead of what doesn’t. That might help quieten them over time maybe…? 🖤🖤

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  4. ‘Cancel Culture’ is the oxymoron
    of this current millennium.
    A haven for politically corrected
    morons, and the bane of comedians.
    Keep on keeping on with the
    freedom of poetic speech, John 😎


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