On the Nose

You don’t see many poems celebrating the sense of smell.

Sight rules the roost, cock-a-doodles its pre-eminence

on every page; the nose rarely gets a look-in.

An anthology of ‘Smell’ poems would be very thin indeed

and would be ‘on the nose’ for most readers.

I haven’t had a whiff of a good smell poem for years.

  • I can’t think of a single poem celebrating the sense of smell, can you?
  • have you written a short poem, perhaps a funny one, on smells you could put in the comments column for the delight of readers?
  • have you a vivid memory of a particular smell?

72 thoughts on “On the Nose

  1. Found a smell-writing poet John…..they do exist so it seems

    Poet Don on the Olfactory System of Cows

    Cows which are lowing in meadows
    Chewing their cud day by day
    Can smell smells around in their airstream
    Emanating nine kilometres away

    Well I’ll be….

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  2. Yes John Priscilla has a very acute sense of smell. Turns her nose up at food out of a tin. She can smell fresh sardines (cost a fortune) a mile away and grabs them out of your fingers before you can say Jack Robinson….little shit

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  3. this is a tremendous poem; Hobbo’s chocolate lab, Dauphy wrote it; it is very clever and such fun; it may well be the last contribution on this post; do yourself a favour, as Adam Ant would say, and have a read 🙂


  4. it’s a bit late now but what about ‘sniffer dogs’? No one raised the topic of ‘detection dogs’ even though they can be trained as Covid detection dogs, because there’s an odor specific to the virus; how about that?


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