Scenes from an Abduction

It was like something from the Marie Celeste

the remnants of a meal — the last supper?

a half full stubbie of Fosters, tele still on:

‘A Current Affair’ with Tracey at the helm —

he never would have left Tracey in the lurch —

car keys still on the mantelpiece, signs

of a scuffle in the hall, the whiff of a cigarette

in the doorway but no note, nothing — and then

that call from the watchhouse:, cold & bleak

‘Your boarder, Adrian ….’

28 thoughts on “Scenes from an Abduction

  1. still a mystery after all this time , like that missing Malaysian airliner ; I need this to go a little longer to see where this will lead; but unlike the two aforementioned mysteries, all will be revealed 🙂


  2. Hi John,

    Ok, I’ll play along. So this first part is about a past mystery – the ship found drifting at sea. I’m guessing you’re comparing a recent crime to it. I’m not sure if I would know of it, so I’ll stay tuned. 😀


    • Hi, Eden; thanks for having a go at this; somewhere I miscued; the abduction was a legal one, an arrest by police officers of my mate Adrian; I arrived home an hour or so later after the cops stormed into my house and arrested Adrian; this is how I found the place, and then the officer from the watchhouse phoned to explain …

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