Is Your Poem Looking Wan?

If you come across a poem that looks unwell

a little wan

tape it to the window

let it soak up some sun

bring colour to its cheeks

let its eyes feast on the great outdoors:

the tall cedars tapering to the Xmas tree skies,

the yellow-shouldered honey eaters bouncing on boughs

like kids on a trampoline

cobwebs in their silvery finery draped

over the gate that no one enters.

Invite some other poems over, maybe

Too much navel gazing is not good for a poem.

Offer it a coffee.

a sliver of Mrs. Kipling’s  peach and vanilla slice.

a jaffa cake for zing,

Take it for a workout at the gym.

.It’ll soon be better.

And so will you.

55 thoughts on “Is Your Poem Looking Wan?

  1. Yes, the sad poem definitely nees a ride in a pocket around town. Warm and snug. Make sure to keep it warm. Take it out and read it occasionally so that it can feel heard and appreciated. πŸ™‚ I am now thinking of many ways to console my own downcast verse.

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