33 thoughts on “Hittites

  1. Very good……although I read ‘yr’ as ‘your’ the contraction was refreshingly different ..I liked it….Oh? it was a typo? There yr go……And John, why would I have thought it was titled ‘Hotties’ when first glanced at?

    All humour aside I thought it was good…..


      • I like the concept…different and creative….like I change words to fit the rhyme providing readers still know what I’m talking about….it’s how language progresses yes?….if you keep doing the same old thing what you keep getting is the same old thing….

        Seems no-one else is up yet? yawn….


  2. Hi John, just thought I’d catch up with you before bed. YUCK! Hahaha
    I’m not afraid of roaches, but they are disgusting.
    We get an hour less sleep since we set our clocks forward, better go before more dark thoughts keep me awake! 😀
    Enjoy your day, eden


  3. Is this what happens right before you cry out in shock and alarm that there are cockroaches and armored men of any kind crawling on top of you? Best, squeeze those eyes shut and hope it’s a dream. Very eerie imagery.


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