The Problem with Aldo

Aldo thrust his hand forward
eager, anticipating.
What could I do but shake it?
I didn’t have a coronary,
a brain bleed
or a meltdown
but shouldn’t we have touched
elbows instead, feet
[‘The Wuhan Shake’],
given a fist bump to each other
or even the Tibetan Tongue Greeting
though it seemed as warlike as a haka,
something a little less intimate
than a handshake?
Are we loosening up too early?
I wash my hands furiously with sanitiser
& keep 1.5 m from myself
for the rest of the day.
You can’t be too careful.

50 thoughts on “The Problem with Aldo

  1. Handshakes are so natural when meeting someone, one forgets it’s a no no now. I’m always careful never forgetful, as I have asthma. I’m so angry they have lifted the mask mandate in my state. Even before that 45% in this red (right leaning) state people are so indifferent, think it’s a hoax, the vaccine is BS etc etc you get the picture. That 4 year old idiot who lived in the WH did so much harm and divisive division in this country. We can just slap a band aid on this, we need deep tight stitches.!


  2. I gave my new neighbor a handshake and then jumped back as I yelled, ‘sorry.’ He said he was more worried about me than him and of course his job is a doc/professor at the university in the school of public health!

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