So Where Are You?

So where are you?

In a galaxy far far away.

No. Where are you really?


Isn’t that where …?

Yes, where Billy Pilgrim went.

That time traveller from ‘Slaughterhouse Five’?

Yes, he went there on his days off.

His days off? From where?

Reality. Reality bites, you know.

But what if you never came back?

Like Hugh Conway in ‘Lost Horizons’?  Dorothy in Oz ?


And Peter Pan in Neverland.?


Would it really matter? You’d be where you want to be. Would you even want to go back?

Have you a favourite fantasy place ? Which fantasy world would you live in if you could? What if you couldn’t come back?

53 thoughts on “So Where Are You?

  1. This shows my cultural sub-rockishness. I know Dorothy in Oz and Reality Bites (although I can’t even really remember the plot of that). I guess the thrill of fantasy is being swept away into a different world. I’m beginning to think I’m pretty bad at that, even although I’m a day dreamer. I’m firmly stuck in this particular dimension.

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  2. Slaughterhouse Five, thank you for gifting me that book…… Of course, I’m going back into the Neverending Story, the book within the book. I’m always ducking into bookstores to avoid life and battling the “nothing” that wants to consume us all. Like Bastion, I draw my strength from my books.

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  3. I’d like to be in whatever book I’m reading at the moment. One I particularly would like to be in is titled Night Circus it magically enchanting. I’m looking forward to reading her new book The Starless Sea. Oh the author is Erin Morganstern. Also I wouldn’t mind being in any Jules Verne novel.

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  4. My wish isn’t fantasy. I would want to live in Trijillo, Honduras. Gulf of Mexico touch and the kindest people you can find. A ancient and beautiful city. One road in and one road out. A tropical place to write my books. I could use John. Hello from Michigan. I just finish my nightshift.

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  5. I, guess you answered the question already when asking does it matter! considering the unfathomable expansion of the universe, and we might not forget earth is travelling continuously through space anyway so why would one want to bother. unless you are Elon Musk, who must think earth ia stationary spot.

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