My WP Friends: an Ode


I love my community of bloggers.

They’re fun.

I love them

Each and everyone.

There’s Hobbo, Beth,

Eden, the Don,

dear old Ed

& a Coyote name John.

There’s Chel. also,

formerly Chelsea,

a big fat can of worms

Little Charmer’s pithy poetry.

There’s eob2

with her eyes of blue

her mystical poems

their music too.

Karen, of course,

her Yard Sale of Thoughts

teasing us with ruminations

her imagination has wrought.

Then there’s foresty Ulle

what can we say of him?

A man , sharply observant

with a taste for whim.

Then like a shooting star,

there’s our phantasmagoric friend:

David, jester and artificer

on a trip that will never end.

Not forgetting Jewish Young Professional

and Sarcastic Fringe Head

like my mum used to say,

you wouldn’t for quids be dead.

So to my fellow bloggers,

one and all,

each day spent with you

is a real cyber carnival.

57 thoughts on “My WP Friends: an Ode

  1. Can’t believe I’m in your carnival, feels like I’m juggling, riding a unicycle in a leotard with feathers in my hair. You’ve created your own magical place in just one post, John. Thank you. I’m so honored to be under your big tent.. Think I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me. 😉

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  2. Oh dear, I’m thrilled to be included (whispers John I’m a she). It’s what makes this enjoyable all the unique personalities and responses. I like the trapeze but I’m afraid of heights, so I’ll do the sideshow magic act. 😁😉 now where did I put that damn rabbit 🐇🎩 🪄🎉

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