Inherit the Day

You inherit another day.

So what are you going to do with it?

Melancholize ?

Rhapsodize ?


Sift through it for cigarette butts?

Scrambled messages on billboards?

What you gunna do?

Rehearse it like a song you’re going to record?

Look it straight in the eye?

Shoulder your way through it like an NRL star?

Squeeze the juice right out of it?

Hitch a ride on it?

Or lean against it like a lamp post and watch it amble by?

You inherit another day.

So what you gunna do?

67 thoughts on “Inherit the Day

  1. I went out the back, late afternoon, for a few minutes meditation and the line came to me about ‘inheriting the day’ then some other lines came so i dashed inside got my notebook and slammed it down in five! bloody amazing: wasn’t sure it it was nonsense masquerading as meaning but it felt right πŸ™‚

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  2. i love made up words, sometimes they fit much better than the real things, and they work here. looks like you fully inherited the day – i made the most of it by walking downtown with a couple of grandies and getting ice cream and special rocks, then walked through the park where i came upon mother goose, a wonderful day. you’ll meet her tomorrow in my blog

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  3. Another gold star for you, John. ‘Melancholize’ is perfect. I imagine myself leaning against the lamp post, all relaxed and cool, debonair, twirling a toothpick between my lips… but most times I am on the run, here, there, and everywhere, both literally and figuratively. Great stuff, my friend!

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      • I had been meaning to leave
        this comment, but I felt it a
        bit too esoteric. Plus it has
        absolutely no meaning ;

        πŸ”˜ As a singular
        point of conciousness
        I fell through a hole
        in the fabric
        of this temporal universe
        after taking a hungry bite
        like a tiger of the night
        into the jugular of existence
        But every singular rascal
        is like a setting sun 🌞

        (apologies to Neil Young 😎)

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  4. Oh, sometimes the lamp post days shine brightest. You can take in so much leaning on one of those. Sometimes I box the day, I treat the day like a rosary, and pray to make it through. Beautiful poem, John.

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