Ambrosia Lite

The sun peeps behind a cloud

I hope it is not too loud

The swallows doze in the trees

I’m in dreams up to my shiny knees

tweedledum and tweedledee

the honey-eater swings on the trapeze

of the scrawny twig

& I have another swig

of ambrosia lite

and this poem is shining much too bright

unmoored again I chase links

but my cottontail heart shrinks

  • image courtesy of Wikipedia

43 thoughts on “Ambrosia Lite

  1. Gosh John you put my meagre efforts to shame…

    What brilliance! And with deep meaning I get lost in.

    I’m certain ‘The sun peeps behind a cloud’ has a deeper meaning which escapes me….

    Chasing link birds when not tied down I do get…a good sport…I do it every Saturday.. swig Fosters with Skip….he enjoys chasing links as well….

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  2. Surreal feelings, John. Love the nod, just need a jabberwocky behind that tree. Love when I’m unmoored, but not drifting on a melancholy trolley. To get though the night, a bottle of red. my head on the glass, bumps and instrumental tracks.

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