The Ninth Crypt

I am about to read a book called ‘The Ninth Crypt’,

A novel I acquired for twenty dollars at the supermarket

But fear I may have made a grave mistake:

Browsing through the blurb I see mention of only

The ninth crypt, all well and good, but what about

The other eight? Perhaps the author is planning prequels

Based on the success of this volume but seeing he is

Now a septuagenarian who came to writing late,

This is most unlikely; perhaps if I bury myself deeply

in the text I shall disinter enough cryptic clues

To keep me happy — but at 800 pages !!! I await

Clarification; in the meantime this tombstone of a novel

Shall stand on my shelf of great unread books.

  • have you got any big unread books on your bookshelf?
  • photo by Grangeburn on Pinterest

55 thoughts on “The Ninth Crypt

  1. I have made the decision, a few years back, if I don’t want to read something I don’t, and keeping it won’t make it grow on me, so I get rid of it. Some many things out there that I do want to spend my time reading

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  2. Okay I loved they play with words, to let’s us know this page turner is a doorstop. I have red war &peace, Doctor Zhivago, Crime & Punishment (which was a punishment in itself to get through). But don’t think they were 900+ pages. I also will be having a haiku published on May 27th. I am excited and now have the incentive to submit more of my writing for publication.

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  3. very very bizarre: I don’t know if anyone checked but when I first posted this poem three tears ago when I began this blog, it got NO COMMENTS!! now,the same post, same poem, has got 26 so far , and will get a few more; how bizarre, as the song says 🙂

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  4. I had to laugh, I have a few of them collected over the years, but they came in handy for pressing own my watercolour drawings or became useful as door stoppers. It sounds like someone had to full fill a lives passion just before the onset of mental decline or simply was not willing or able to revise, who knows, but a novel of 880 pages sounds excessive?

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  5. Hi John, sorry I’m late, was reading a book this past weekend.
    Definitely not an 800-pager though!
    The trend now is toward serialized books. I think the author would do well to break up the book into shorter ones. It would make it more palatable and profitable, then it won’t just have to look pretty on your bookshelf!. 😀

    Enjoy your week, eden

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  6. I really dig your use of wordplay – your stealthy references to graves, crypts, and interment. You had me laid out with some of those.

    Hey. My brain just did a weird connect: social distancing = 6 feet (in USA). What else is commonly 6 feet???

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  7. Oh, and btw, to answer your question: among others, I have Ken Follett’s “A Column of Fire” waiting patiently on my shelves while I take my time acquiring the first two novels in that series. More than 4,400 pages in that set of books.


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