A Bit of Love

Some of my poems end up like this,

bashed, broken , bent beyond repair,

car wrecks,

the ones you don’t usually see

in the showroom

of my blog,

the ones abandoned in the junkyard

out the back,

but sometimes I remember a part that worked

when the rest of the poem didn’t

and I go down & look for it amongst

all that scrap metal

of words

misshapen phrases

 give it a polish, an oil change

a bit of love

& fit it into the poem I’m working on now

so the old gives vigor

to the new.

It works every time.

30 thoughts on “A Bit of Love

      • Some of mine have overheard you….why can’t I be slow-cooked for 36 hours they say instead of being dished up raw-medium? Tuff luck I say…..be grateful you make it to the screen….they don’t understand the effort I go through for them……


      • I’ts a good book worth reading John……they also danced…pole dancing……naked, as all stobies are…..although some were tattood with aboriginal motifs….oh, the pine poles have their picnic on another date if you were wondering……perhaps we should suggest they combine in this day of integration and cultural mixing?….

        I smell material for a flight of fancy here….

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  1. How large a scrap yard you working with, John? Those shards, fragments and slightly bent parts are perfect puzzle pieces later one, are they not? Your poem is a clever reminder to dig, polish and change the oil, sometimes. Enjoyed.

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  2. I am editing my poetry from 40 years ago. It is hard work. Old age had taught me to use less commas and stay in tense. I still need a editor. I write my words and I am thankful. People like. You and I write like Bukowski. Honest, not polite. Good evening John from almost Spring Michigan.

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      • Bukowski didn’t try to impress. Salinger was my favorite. He wanted no-one to change one word he wrote. Us, who love to write. Our poetry and story. Our babies. I have time. I am semi-retired. Working 20 hours a week. I want a book of poetry and short stories done by June. Good evening from Michigan.


      • wow! that’s not long; keep us posted. Salinger is one of my favourites: a few of his short stories and Catcher in the Rye which I taught for years when I taught High School English. Cheers. John from Down Under 🙂

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      • I have read all his books in the past year. His style is different than Hemingway. He made the characters come alive. My favorite of Salinger is. His short stories. Cheers from Michigan.


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