My Furry Friends

You are furry like a dog

sit at my feet like a dog

follow me around like a dog

always under my feet

but you don’t woof.

You are my slippers,

a handsome, friendly pair.

My ex never liked you.

She said I’d be wearing

a dressing gown next,

smoking a pipe,

reading cozy murder mysteries

in front of a log fire

but now it’s just you & me.

You often hear the phrase

‘let me slip into something

more comfortable’

as a prelude to sex

in steamy novels

but comfortable to me

means something else.

You can’t get into much trouble

wearing yr furry friends.

  • pic courtesy of Pinterest


25 thoughts on “My Furry Friends

    • good to hear from you, John; yes, plain. simple words for a plain poem. This Thomas Hardy cover would never make it into high school classrooms 🙂 life is steady as she goes, John 🙂 hope the same for you 🙂

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      • Thomas Hardy was one of my favorite when I was young. Life is okay. Tomorrow, a warm day. I will visit Lake St. Clair. Warm days are coming and maybe the world can open up soon. Have some fun and be safe John.


  1. The first verse is almost like a riddle. Furry slippers are so comfy. Like the transition about the sleeping gown. This is quiet humorous, John. 🥿🥿 alas my slippers aren’t furry.

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  2. You mean your slippers don’t woof John? There are certain shops which specialize in ‘woofer slippers’. You must’ve missed them. Quite expensive I believe. In the Gucci class. Give a heavenly wooff wooff sound as you pad around in them……


  3. I must admit, the picture painted by your ex doesn’t sound like something to be afraid of. I have ugg boots. Surely that’s worse than slippers. They are such a relief to come home to though. May you and your slippers be happy. I do like the line”always under my feet”. 🙂


  4. Impressive book cover, in those days emotion could be worn on the outside without upsetting the political correctness police, today’s covers are all photoshopped and sabnitised, guess you chose the cover to go with your slippers, emphasise the double meaning


  5. Reminds me of My Fair Lady; there are your slippers, and may you never have a day of luck with them. 😉 Tess was tainted, twisted and tortured in her life, but I’m sure your slippers are fairing better. I fed that book long ago.


  6. Tess is a wild ride; one that might be best for college. That cover makes her look like a bored 50’s housewife, though, when she’s the most tragic heroine I know. 😉 way to incite literary outrage. 🙂


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