Simon’s Space Odyssey

Simon rambles in. He rattles Alec’s equanimity.

I’m getting my haircut. I see it all in the mirror.

Simon’s his usual self: brash, bold, bloody stupid, He lisps some errant remark.

Alec drops what he’s doing, reaches for the fly swatter and chases Simon down the street.

It’s like a well rehearsed routine.

A month later I go back.. Simon doesn’t look so good. His eyes are puffy, his face a little swollen, his hare lip is bleeding.

What happened? George says, one of the assistants. Your girl friend beat you up again?

Simon blubbers out an obscenity. Alec reaches for the fly swatter and the chase is on again.

Simon is a sad sack, the world’s punching bag but he does have one trick up his sleeve. His dad is Lord Mayor of Mars. No one else can claim that.

How he got there long before Elon Musk is not explained but Simon basks in his glory. On Mars International Day — yes, there is one —Simon comes in, wearing his red skivvy and breaks into the Mars National anthem till he is chased out by Alec’s furious flyswatter.

One day Simon slumps in. Dad is not well.  Dad needs Simon to take over. How will he get there? Everyone knows by now that Simon has a rocket ship tucked in a corner of his bedroom at the ready. But Simon as Lord Mayor? Would those Martians treat him seriously?

Simon doesn’t appear the next month nor the one after that.

In fact, he doesn’t appear again.

Can one disappear into one’s own fantasy?

*pic courtesy of Wikipedia

27 thoughts on “Simon’s Space Odyssey

  1. I hear that Donald is also in a slump.
    He keeps talking of voter irregularity
    whilst playing the triumphant Trump.
    It is most peculiar.
    Is it the Insanity, or deluded fantasy,
    of a very bad loser?
    Either way, he’s completely
    disappeared up his own sphincter.

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  2. Hi John, This is delightfully twisted and I love it.

    It’s a bit of a longer piece than what I’m used to reading from you as well. 🙂
    I like the name Simon, went to grade school with a boy by that name and he had a stutter – rare back then. We were friends, so this brought back nice memories of him.

    Like the Simon in your poem, others used to chase him, made fun of him … but he resurrected himself in fine form as a teenager – changed his look completely, found new friends.

    Maybe that’s what happened to your Simon too. 😉



    • thanks Eden; it is longer than my usual pieces so I;m glad you stuck with it; and thanks for the story of your Simon; I like to think that Simon turned his life around too: it is possible while you are young —


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