You Scare Me

You scare me.

What did you do wrong?

Once you were the envy

of bloggers like me

hungry for numbers.

Okay, I was competitive

but every entertainer

wants an audience, Right?

And you were the king of numbers.

Then what happened?

You must have been dismayed

as I was shocked.

What does one do to shed an audience?

Put up politically incorrect posts?

Bite the hands that feed you?

Change lanes too often?

Stay in the same lane too long?

Veer off into obscurity?


There is an art to alienation

& you seem to have found it.

I just hope I don’t stumble across it

anytime soon.

You scare me.

*what scares you?

*have you written a short poem about fear you’d like to share here?

*pic by hermes-rivera from Unsplash

29 thoughts on “You Scare Me

  1. I like to alienate about half of my friends about a month before Christmas every year. I do it by posting about politics and religion on facebook. They unfriend me. I save a bundle on Christmas presents this way.

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  2. Hi John,
    The numbers are meaningless. I follow writers I like and that is the only criterion. If I comment it’s because I had something to say. I do it even if it’s not reciprocated. The quid pro quo model in blogging doesn’t interest me. I might get 1000 readers a day with only 20-30 commenters but that’s ok.
    For me, It’s better to have a silent reader than a Like from someone who doesn’t read. If you write what moves you, that’s all that matters.
    Hope you’ve had a good weekend,

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  3. As to fears… I totally get yours, John. I fear alienation. I think that’s human. But I have a gazillion fears. My most fearful poem was written on March 4. I got a diagnosis that freaked me out. Still working through that one. Anyway the poem is called Star Burst.

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  4. I value the people who interact, chat or comment. The number of followers is pretty meaningless really. I have thought of stripping out the ones who never contribute, but then I might alienate someone who just likes reading. That would be like saying that capital punishment is okay because we don’t make many mistakes! My biggest worry is anything happening to Mrs H. I know I post jokey chauvinist poems sometimes, but she really is my rock!

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  5. I’m like you, Hobbo: I treasure the handful of people like yourself who regularly make compassionate, meaningful comments — and may I add, you are most fortunate in having someone as steady and faithful as Mrs, H πŸ™‚

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  6. I blog to stay sane and that is most important. Even so I sometimes fall in the β€œlike” trap. As a bonus I come across bloggers that inspire like you and with them I have the most interaction. You don’t scare me, you inspire me!

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  7. I’m with Ulle, John. You inspire me. It seems one cannot avoid the human desire for ‘follows’ and ‘likes,’ and it is true that comments, especially those that are somewhat substantive. Still, one likes to think that one blogs for one’s own enjoyment; even if we more or less fooling ourselves.

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  8. So many ways to fall from the public’s good graces. Seems a never-ending series of forked mishaps just waiting to be taken. I particularly like the lines about changing lanes or not changing lanes as it implies how lose-lose some choices can be. Don’t pen much on fear. But here is a moderately bad poem nine years ago, that touches a little on that:

    I write; it’s like crawling.
    At some point you will walk, but
    it doesn’t feel like it
    when you’re in the trenches
    pushing your stomach
    across the ground…

    And the chains
    that bind all of us,
    bend, but don’t break
    from physical weight
    brute force,
    and mental angst.

    Oh, how yearn to rise within the ranks…

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  9. well put; I used to write extended metaphor poems on various emotions, including Fear; they are fun to write — I enjoyed yours — and they get us to crystallize our feelings as well as stretch our imaginations; Courage, Fear’s opposite, would be a challenging one to write πŸ™‚ When I taught creative writing classes in schools and other facilities I always did a session on Extended Metaphor poems, Everyone could do it!! nd it got them writing with zeal and confidence —

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  10. I miss teaching creative writing. As much as I love helping Simone who struggles improve their reading, teaching creative writing really energized my own writing. Hm, I like the idea of writing about the dichotomy of courage and fear. Courage becoming corrupted by fear…you should share an old fear metaphor poem on your blog.

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