The Happy Caddie

It’s okay being a caddie

tagging along with the team

light as a butterfly

nothing to prove

floating along the lazy rhythms

of the afternoon,

the dappled sunlight,

the bodyguard gums,

the cheeky creek bed waiting

to gobble up golf balls;

you’re nimble on yr feet,

jovial as a parrot

keeping the banter going

handing out irons

as a waiter would drinks,

planting the flag after putting is done

like Neil and Buzz on the moon

*pic courtesy of Wikipedia

44 thoughts on “The Happy Caddie

  1. A lovely meditative sort of piece. I love the atmosphere built by the gums, the creek and the dapples or shade and banter. And I imagine thinking of Neil and Buzz as you plant flags would be quite cool. Don’t you think it’s distracting that putting and putting are spelled the same?

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  2. You elevate the caddie here; he’s not under stress or sweating his over-par score. He has the outside perspective on the course, the game. He owns it just like the first flag being planted on the moon, just like you aced this poem.


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