Come Closer and Listen

I reckon if someone calls a book, ‘Come Closer and Listen’ they ought to have something to say.

Something vital, urgent, new. Provocative.

I leaned real close and listened. I wanted to be shocked out of my stodginess.

Take something away, to share with my mates at the pub Friday night.

Something revelatory.

But there was nothing.

Admittedly the poems are well crafted, And there are a few good ones

and even one stand-out poem but that’s it in 60 + pages.

But really it’s the same old stuff as in the previous 10 books.

God help us, we;re all in danger of repeating ourselves and if I do I pray someone

calls me out.

But it’s like I said of the Seinfeld book.

You coulda done better, Charles. You coulda done better.

27 thoughts on “Come Closer and Listen

      • Turmeric is a spice. I picked it because a year or so ago, some noofy was selling turmeric tablets in our local shopping centre. You should’ve seen the list of things it was supposed to have a hand in curing. Some poor elderly lady was buying a jar of the things. I felt like going up to her and saying “If you need more turmeric in your diet, cook a curry” but as always I was too gutless. I get really irritable about these fads that are basically ripping people off. But, on a less grumpy note, over the Easter weekend I tried Kombucha with turmeric in it. That was quite nice. I’m sure creative vintners will imagine turmeric into their red wine – or at least the list of flavours. πŸ˜€


  1. Can’t judge a book by its cover. Isn’t that the oldest rule in the book. Although it sounds like the title might be the best thing about it after that review. Feel like a dodged a gullible reader bullet with this one.

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